Alternative Sentencing Key Stakeholder Summit 2016

Georgetown Law Center, Washington, D.C

March 7 – March 8, 2016

Summit Partners

The Aleph Institute

American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section

The American Conservative Union Foundation

The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

Be the Evidence International

The Brennan Center for Justice

Center for American Progress

Charles Koch Foundation

The Coalition for Public Safety

Jason Flom


Kushner Companies Charitable Foundation

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates & Mitigation Specialists

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

National Association of Drug Court Professionals

National Association of Social Workers

National Legal Aid & Defender Association

National Organization of Forensic Social Work

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Prison Fellowship

R Street

Right on Crime

The Women’s Prison Association

Videos Day 1

Rabbi Aaron Lipskar

Rabbi Shalom Lipskar

Opening Remarks Hon Charles Renfrew

View from the States

View from Corrections

View from Graduates and Affected Community

Attorney General’s Perspective

The Judicial Perspective

Changing Incentives Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement Perspectives

Prosecution Led Diversion

Problem Solving Courts

From Reform to Reality

Closing Conversations

Videos Day 2

Opening Address Reentry

Collateral Consequences

Jobs Reentry Public Safety

International Case Studies

Federal Sentencing Reform

Expectations in Sentencing

Data and Discretion

Importance of Coalitions

Public and Private Partnerships

Will Federal Criminal Justice Reform Pass

Honorable Judge Charles Renfrew

Honorable Judge Bernice Donald

360 Degrees of Smarter Sentencing

Closing Remarks

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1

Breakout Session 2

About the ASKS Summit

What is the ASKS Summit?

This is a high-level summit that aims to highlight the range of alternative sentencing policies and programs that are currently operating in the U.S. and abroad, and look more deeply at their effectiveness and functional requirements. It will include a wide range of perspectives on these issues.

Who will participate in the ASKS Summit?

The summit will bring together an unprecedented number of current and former leaders and senior government officials who have served on the front lines of day-to-day operations in the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, government, judiciary, defense, forensic social workers and psychologists, and nonprofits, as well as formerly incarcerated people, victims and advocacy groups.

What are the ASKS Summit objectives?

Beyond education, ASKS will use plenary, breakout and interactive sessions to generate substantive dialogue between all delegates and identify key priorities for:

  • Expanding the use of effective alternative sentencing programs while enhancing public safety, including the mechanisms of discretion (police, prosecutorial and judicial) and legislative reforms;
  • Addressing public safety concerns over its broadened use and practical barriers to expansion and launching effective new programs in new jurisdictions, including operational limitations, program evaluation and public education;
  • NGOs that can help to support broader application of effective alternative sentencing, eg. ubiquity of access and other measures and peripheral programs to help ensure successful reentry.
What sets the ASKS Summit apart from other events?

The number of high-level participants; the balance between reformers and healthy skeptics; the interactive session; and the focus on making connections and producing outcomes that include the development of a database of best practices and an informal network for future coordination and support.

Summit Speakers include:

  • Hon. Jo Ann Ferdinand 
    Presiding Judge of Brooklyn Treatment Court  
  • Senator Mike Lee 
    Member of the Judiciary Committee (Invited)   
  • Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee
    Member of the Judiciary Committee (Invited)
  • Hon. Sam Olens 
    Attorney General, State of Georgia  
  • Hon. Jackie Lacey 
    District Attorney, Los Angeles County
  • Hon. Bernice Donald
    Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit  
  • Hon. John Gleeson
    Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of NY (Invited)
  • Hon. Brooke Wells
    Judge Magistrate of the United States District Court for the District of Utah
  • Anne Swern
    Special Advisor to the Criminal Justice Council and Co-Chair of the ABA Committee on Re-Entry
  • Gary Mohr
    Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
  • John Wetzel
    Secretetary of Corrections for Pennsylvania

Advisory Commitee

  • Hon. Michael Boggs – Georgia State Court of Appeals Judge (2012-present); Co-Chair Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform (2011-present)
  • Lanny Breuer – United States Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division (2009-2013)
  • Paul Clement – United States Solicitor General (2004-2008), Distinguished Lecturer in Law at the Georgetown University Law Center (1998-present), Senior Fellow of the Law Center’s Supreme Court Institute
  • Hon. Jo Ann Ferdinand – Presiding Judge of Brooklyn Treatment Court; Co-chair of the Strategic Planning Committee on Problem Solving Courts for the NYS Court System
  • Hon. Nancy Gertner – Professor of Practice Harvard University (present); Senior Judge United States District Court (Massachusetts) 2011; Judge of the United States District Court (Massachusetts) 1994-2011
  • Hon. John Gleeson – United States District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York (1994-present), Adjunct Professor of Law at New York University School of Law (1995- present)
  • Jamie Gorelick – U.S. Deputy Attorney General (1994-1997)
  • Martin F. Horn– Executive Director of the New York State Sentencing Commission, Distinguished Lecturer in Corrections at the John Jay College of City University of New York; Executive Director of the New York State Sentencing Commission (present), Commissioner of the New York City Department of Probation, (2002-2009), Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction (2003-2009); Secretary of Corrections, Pennsylvania (1995-2000)
  • Hon. Michael Mukasey – U.S. Attorney General (2007-2009), U.S. District Chief Judge, Southern District of New York (2000-2006)
  • Sam Olens – Attorney General of Georgia (2011-present), Chairman of the Cobb County Commission
  • Hon. Charles Renfrew – US Deputy Attorney General (1980 -1981) ,US District Judge, Northern district of California (1972-1980)
  • Hon. Kenneth Starr – U.S. Solicitor General (1989-1993); U.S. Circuit Judge, District of Columbia Circuit (1993-1989)
  • Larry Thompson – U.S. Deputy Attorney General (2001-2003) U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Georgia (1982-1986)
  • Seth Waxman – U.S. Solicitor General (1997-2001)